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[Published in the Cosmology Review in December 1999 by Dr. Vidyardhi
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[Published in the Cosmology Review in December 1999 by Dr. Vidyardhi

The Cosmic Puzzle attracts Scientists, Amateurs, Philosophers and all mankind in search of
divnity of the Human Being.
How do we set our Vision? Where do we start? From Planet Earth Covered by newly
discovered Van-Allen Belts? Beyond our Solar Plane? or Beyond our milky way galaxy -
Presently known as Barred Spiral? Or even Beyond InterGalatic Region.
Any Projections to Cosmos Modelling should help Knowledge Expansion to Scientists and even
Philosophers. In Fact a lot of data from Astronomy to Cosmos During the Last Century has
Further Added our Curiosity to the Cosmic Function of the Universe. Is there any Orderliness?
or is it Random Distribution leading to
a Chaotic State?
Many noble Scientists have advanced throught these fields of science: Astronomy,
Astrophysics and Cosmogony to Cosmology, Plasma Physics, Electromagnetic Fields and even
Cosmic Storms to Magnetars.Science Has taken a Leap Foward through a persistent approach
through various imaging techniques making use of space shuttles, explorer staellites like
'SOHO" and many interplanetary missions extending the frontiers to Laser Limits (10^16 Light
years). Can we Consolidate
our data in steps to procedd further or this search must be directed towards understanding the
nobility of Human Life on this planet that links us to our environment, our galaxy and to
Vedic knowledge of the cosmic universe equally inspires mankind from a different perspective:
The Cosmic Vision of the Universe: Part 1- Basic Approach (Subjects:Astrophysi... Page 1 of 5 10/19/2009
“Purnam Adah Purnam Idam Purnat Purnam Udachyate Purnasya Purnam
Adharaya (Adaya) Purnam Eva Avasishyate”
This Sanskrit sloka signifies a three-tier statement:
1. Cosmic universe is complete energy
2. Out of the northern part emerged a lower Southern Cosmos and
3. The present observational universe is an envelope emerged out of this southern cosmos.
Our Milky Way galaxy is a part of this material cover. The time-phase relation is attributed
through “cosmic junctions” under a cosmic process. The mysterious nature of “cosmos and
cosmic function” may become evident if our search is directed to understand critical junctions
i.e. galactic group junctions, cosmic flow field aligned neutral processes that form the “core
cosmic route”. This raises few questions:
Is It a Reflecting Cosmos?
Is it a Field Dominant Cosmos?
Is it a Flow Dominant Glowing Universe?
We need to search beyond our domains of present knowledge if a new theory has to emerge
based on the Total Energy concept. Towards this goal a new cosmic model may hold the key
which may be viewed as follows:
(1) The universe operates through orderliness. Our search is to understand the
cosmic function of the universe through a neutral
approach for comprehension.
(2) The universe operates through a process known as YAJNA. One such process is
the double magnetic vortex tube (DMVT) process
identified by the author that accommodates both spherical and spiral formations
along with a neutral function. This process
operates in three tiers to support a COSMIC POT of energy. Is it not worth
searching for such a cosmic process?
(3) The universe operates through divine cosmic flow principle. So the search is to
understand the resultant divinity beyond dark matter
(4) Cosmic fields regulate the universe. For example cosmic fields and
electromagnetic fields form covers or sheaths. One such known
phenomena is the three regions of Van-Allen Belts surrounding Earth where
plasma as ionised flow is trapped by magnetic fields.
(5) The cosmic flow and the cosmic fields operate together in alignment under cosmic
source; for example, Van-Allen Belts confirm the
flow path origin for Earth beyond Sun. In a similar way, we need to look beyond
galaxy to identify the origin as a junction. Cosmic
flows and cosmic fields need to be analysed with a new vision. How to approach
The Cosmic Vision of the Universe: Part 1- Basic Approach (Subjects:Astrophysi... Page 2 of 5 10/19/2009
the next dimension of knowledge ?.
(6)The cosmic source directs the fields and flows. Very near to our Milky Way, recent
findings confirm direction towards neighbouring
Dwarf Galaxy (Andromeda or M31).
(7) A cosmic part of the energy centre drives spherical and spiral galaxies. Consider,
for example, a group as 12 or 24. Our search may
be extended to groups of galactic formations with a junction like NGC4261 or
even HICKSON group HCG 95 for neutral cosmic
flows or drives.
(8) A cosmic universe is self-contained. Total energy concept has to evolve out of
COSMIC POT that controls the energy below. The
material part of the cover is segregated as only a lower function. The remnant is
a flow universe, which forms a link to a Dynamic
universe leading upwards to the energy centre as cosmic pot.
However, the entire universe needs to be analysed in three tiers. One such approach
leads to (1) COSMIC UNIVERSE, (2)
UNIVERSE. Please note that plasma is an
ionised flow that accommodates intergalactic lightning that forms a media for energy
(9) A three tier cosmic universe helps us to identify the observational universe as a
part and parcel.
(10) The observations are limited to one-fourth part of the cosmic flows. We are at
our Milky Way galactic home directing our search
towards electromagnetic field dominant universe. The cosmic flows operate in
4^ n mode and fields operate in 2x(5)^ m mode. The
present data should help us to solve the mysterious nature of cosmic function,
i.e. interaction of source, fields, flows and reflectors
for comprehension.
(11) The cosmic divine principles and process and a human being need to operate
under aligned cosmic flow fields vertically, for example,
COSMIC FLUX-FLOW TUBES. The shine of COSMOS and the bio-energy aura
need integration through observation of
Van-Allen belts around earth as reflector. In a similar way the entire Milky Way
galaxy becomes a reflector receiving one-fourth
of the cosmic-flows.
(12) A human being in depth must develop a three-tier comprehension of cosmic
universe as microcosmic being with vision to micro-cosmic
universe. This requires a multi-dimensional cosmic vision.
The Cosmic Vision of the Universe: Part 1- Basic Approach (Subjects:Astrophysi... Page 3 of 5 10/19/2009
(13) A human being on Earth in the solar system is part of the Galactic Home. One
needs to extend the self-conscious vision beyond a
Galactic Junction i.e 12 Galactic Junctions as a link to 12 Sun-Regions.
(14) The conscious reflection of cosmic field-flow function helps new vision to search
for the COSMIC-POT as Energy Source.
(15) Cosmic flows, cosmic fields, cosmic reflectors and the dependant sources
become self-evident to seven-dimensional vision
i.e a search for galactic junction near 10,000 suns to 12 sun region to be
reflector to entire COSMIC UNIVERSE.
(16) A neutral observation helps advancement of science to understand the Divine
function of the cosmos through cosmic pots.
(17) Multiples of cosmic pots may form one critical junction for the observational
(18) For example, philosophy specifies 240 cosmic pots. Ten million cosmic pots may
form another important Tier, for eg. within the
laser distance.

KNOWLEDGE EXPANSION THROUGH COSMOS..........................This complete paper
published in by author is now available US$8...... KEY
WORDS: COSMOLOGY: Revision; principles; Function; Models; Inter-link Science;
Inter-link Philosophy; origins; cosmology in Vedas ; Directional search ; Celestial
Index: Celestial Phenomena: Multi-dimensional approach INTER-LINKS: Science;
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Electromagnetic Phenomena ENERGY: Concepts; Origins; Creation; Stability;
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log scale Models; Multi-Universe; Directional search;Cosmic-Pot;Electro-magnetic
Universe;Dimensional Search;Three Tier projections PLASMAS: Van-Allen belts;
Solar plasmas; Galaxy; Inter-Galactic medium; Universe; Cosmic Plasma ELECTROMAGNETIC
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Inter-stellar fields; Expansion; Prime Fields PHILOSOPHY: Evolution; Creation;
Philosophy of Cosmos; Dimensional Index; Beyond Darwin CONSCIOUSNESS:
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Development,Consciousness, Mind regions,Origins,Vision SEARCH:
Beyond Darwin, Beyond Einstein,Cosmic string,Intelligent Design SEARCH: Cosmology and Vedas Msn groups:Cosmology for World Peace
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UPDATE: The data must be protected for purpose of advancement of SPACE VISION-
2. ESA has important Current Missions
The DATA along with NASA-SDO-gsfc obviously help new dimensional knowledge
through Space Missions- include SOHO-new xray missions of Chandra and jAXA
3.. ESA COSMIC VISION- ESA-M-Call-Solar Orbiter
4.The Bamboo Galaxy and the Vedas
A bamboo stalk reaches to the sky
Galactic Center Radiation and its Effects on Consciousness or
The Hayagreeva Knowledge Route by Willard Van De Bogart
Contributions by Dr. Vidyardhi Nanduri -September 2006

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